Are your kids starving when they get home from school? Mine sure are! A filling after-school snack can give kids the energy they need to take on the rest of their day until dinner. After all, kids are pretty busy these days. They often juggle homework, sports practice, dance lessons, and more. Here are some tips to get them to make better snacking choices.

Tips for helping kids choose healthier after school snacks.

Tips to Help Kids Choose Healthier After School Snacks

Be a snacking role model

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables in front of your kids. Talk to them about needing protein from lean meats, nuts or dairy to help boost energy. When they see you do it, they are much more likely to make the same choices.

Create a food reward system

When you see them selecting a mom-approved  snack, give them a point, sticker, or whatever works for your kids. If I’m not home, my kids will even send me a pic when they are eating a snack. They want their points! Once they each get to 50 points, they get to choose an activity like going to a movie or visiting their favorite ice cream shop.


Make food easy to see and grab

Fill the center section of your refrigerator with these options. Since it’s the first place you see when you open the door, it brings focus to those items. My kids grab foods when they are right in front of them. Make it easy!

Minimize easy access to junk food

It’s OK to allow the kids to have a treat from time to time, but limit their ability to grab junk food every day. Purchase treats like cookies, cakes or ice cream only once every two weeks. When it’s gone, it’s gone! You’ll be surprised how they limit their consumption to make it last.


Yogurt is an easy go-to snack!

We’ve always been fans of Yoplait yogurt, so I was excited to check out the Yoplait Multipacks at our local Walmart. We tried the Yoplait Original Strawberry/Harvest Peach and the Strawberry/Strawberry Banana flavors. The cups are super easy for on-the-go snacking. The box has an easy open top, which gives lets me easily see if we are running low.

Tips for helping kids choose healthier after school snacks.

Tips for helping kids choose healthier after school snacks.

My daughter is in LOVE with the Harvest Peach. She will often grab one to eat on the way to dance class. My son likes to sprinkle blueberries in the Strawberry while doing his homework.

How do you help your kids choose healthier after school snacks?


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